Sundown Syndrome

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FKA twigs, “Two Weeks”

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Joyce Manor // I’m Always Tired


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Billy Madison (1995)

"Man, I’m glad I called that guy!"

instead of all those cheesy bullying posters around school we should just post this

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waxahatchee @ Oakland Metro, April 2014

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The city looks so peaceful from up here.
Anything is peaceful from one thousand three hundred and fifty three feet.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

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Totally. I remember first thinking that back in the ’90s — and I think a bit of this is in the book — when I would go to strip clubs with guys. And they would go, “You’re the coolest girl in the room! You just became the hottest girl by coming to the strip club!” I had that moment of, what the fuck am I doing? I don’t want to be your ideal if this what I’m doing.

I’m not going to the strip club for myself — I’m doing it as a performance art piece. And how ridiculous that was, what women do to be the cool girl, the things we put ourselves through. They feel freeing, but if you’re not doing it because you enjoy it, it’s really just as constricting as it would be to strap yourself into a girdle.


- Gillian Flynn, Interview with BuzzFeed (via njain)

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